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What can I say? This has to be one of your best works so far that you have produced on Deviantart both in terms of originality and the ...

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This piece of artwork jumped out at me from my inbox. The colours are beautiful, the rain effect really works in this picture and Shado...

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I have been a Sonic fan since 1999. I like anything Sonic from the games to the tv shows and comics.

I've been drawing Sonic since I was 11 years old. I'm not just a fan of Sonic, I also like Tomb Raider, TMNT, Portal and MLP but Sonic is my main franchise.

Because every Sonic fan is different anyone is welcome to my page! I am an understanding individual who respects other people's opinions. This is a friendly account and I don't take kindly to unnecessary arguing.

I am shy, so I may not be open in talking out but I will respond to watchers. Say hi and I say hi back :D

I do have a full time job in a business environment meaning I can't draw all the time even though I wish I could :XD:

I hope you enjoy your stay here :D

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Little Update (And Sonic Nova)

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 4:07 PM

Hey guys.

I haven't done an update in a little while so I thought I'd give you one. Plus I'd like to share with you some plans of Sonic Nova in case you're interested and/or worried.

As of now I am concentrating on creating a comic The Evil in Us which is written by the wonderful :iconkbspeeding: Give her a watch and it a read! She's done other fanfics too, a certain Sonamy Boom story that I am really liking :D Comics are hard to do so can take me a while. I sometimes get bored of comics and add little sketches here and there to keep me going.

People may be alarmed about the commissions I owe them, DON'T PANIC! They will be done (not all of them) at the weekend. It's a bit hard pushed during the week as I work a full time job and can't exactly draw.

Now for the doozy: Sonic Nova! I have been delaying the hell out of this project as I keep rewriting the damn thing! Sonic Nova is an idea I've had since I was fourteen years old... ^^; Six years ago then. Except back then it was called Mobius 25 years later :XD: and there were no redesigns... and an original the fan character do not steal was one of the characters. I know I'm so original!  Of course back then it was Sonally and how Sonic rules his kingdom. I was always interested in the 25 years later saga in the Archie comics... just a shame they fucked up Sonic's character isn't it? I don't care about Knuckles! I care about Sonic! But I wanted to create my own version, back then I had completed an entire issue... only to bin it literally as I had done with it... :/ Yep me in a nutshell, never happy with my work. I still had the idea of 25 years later being a thing and just a year ago I had written the biographies of all the characters that would feature in it! And then Sonic Boom happened. Sonic Boom encouraged me to create my own series of Sonic... I know still not original but that's not what I'm trying to be.

Sonic Nova started as a bit of a laugh and a play of character design. Sonic has boots because I love boots so much! I wear them a lot and thought, screw it add it on the fastest thing alive. Fingerless gloves are from my favourite heroine Lara Croft, she wears fingerless gloves and Sonic's were originally going to be brown but I changed them to deep red. The red neckerchief is a nod to Sonic Boom's bandanna. I did originally give Sonic an eye scanner similar to what you see in the second episode of Sonic X but I thought it looked horrible and changed it. And the chest fur... I did that as a joke. Anyone seen Sonic Shorts?

Yeah got the idea from this video :XD: And then I decided to redesign the other characters and build a world around them. A world I'm still building ^^;

Some of you may have noticed my Sonic Nova prologues floating around (I'm glad I finished them!)
Sonic Nova: Sonamy Part 1 ConfessionA blue hedgehog ran past at the speed of sound. He was late, late for his training session with Amy and Tails. He was supposed to make them stronger after the latest threats from Eggman. Eggman in recent years had not been kind with his plans of world domination, as Sonic learnt the hard way…
Sonic the Hedgehog was now eighteen years old. He still had the same attitude he always had but what did change was his appearance. He was an adult now. He had grown a little bit taller but not by much as Mobians were a naturally small species, his torso was toned as if he’d been working on his upper body strength for the past couple of years. The one thing he disliked was that he had gained chest fur… it embarrassed him greatly. Amy and Knuckles often teased about his mature appearance which never helped the situation.
Knuckles remained on the Floating Island most of the time, but when the team needed him he would be by their side in no time. Tails was beginning to mature also;
Sonic Nova: Sonamy Part 2: Lustful DenialIt was later in the evening, Tails was shouting himself hoarse to the stubborn blue hedgehog he called his brother. Sonic sat on the sofa before the yellow fox, legs spread apart and looking down at his red shoes. Amy was sat in the corner of the room, watching silently at the hedgehog enduring his fate.
“There are times when I despair with you! You go attacking Amy like it’s nothing, this pathetic arguing and all the mood swings you keep having! You’re an adult AND a leader!” Amy flinched at the mention of her name. She’d forgotten how Sonic ruthlessly attacked her. This was the reason why Tails was spitting in Sonic’s face, he had been a terrible leader as of recently. Was it because of her?
Not once had Sonic looked up to face his younger brother. He didn’t want company; he just wanted to be left alone. Tails was right, he had been suffering with strange mood swings. Why? Was it the threat of Eggman coming to power with his empire or somethi
Sonic Nova Sonamy: Part 3 Coming to Terms.The blue hedgehog woke naturally for a change to feel something heavy in front of him. He opened his eyes and inhaled the scent of roses coming from the pink hedgehog he still had his arms wrapped around. He smiled to himself, hoping not to wake her from her sleep. His curiosity got the better of him as he rubbed his long nose against one of her ears. He then gently started to nibble on it. The pink hedgehog fluttered her eyes open as she felt something softly tug at her ear. She smiled, staring up at the blue hedgehog behind her.
“Good morning to you too,” she yawned. Sonic said nothing as he smiled nervously and turned red. Amy reached in, cupped the side of his face and kissed his protruding nose. He blurted out an awkward giggle at the remark.
Waking up from their day dream, footsteps were heard outside the door of their room. Amy and Sonic glanced alarming expressions to one another. Sonic jumped behind the sofa and pretended to be looking at the blueprint for their pl
Sonic Nova Sonamy: Part 4 - The Start of the EndWARNING: This does contain sexual themes so read at your own risk!
The afternoon sun shone brightly in the cyan blue sky. Two hedgehogs were dozing on the cool green grass. Sonic was lying on his back, one arm resting behind his head and the other holding the female hedgehog. Amy rested her head on Sonic’s chest, after all these years her wish came true… kind of. The blue hedgehog shifted in his position and opened his eyes. He knew it would be time to go back to Tails’ workshop and greet Knuckles.
“I think it’s time we went back,” Sonic spoke softly. Amy lowered her ears in dismay. She lifted her head to face Sonic.
“I guess you’re right,” she sighed. Sonic played with one of her quills and smiled.
“You want a race back?” he winked. Amy gave him a stare.
“Gee I wonder who will win?” she said sarcastically. They stood up as Sonic held her hand in comfort. He lifted her hand, bowed to her and kissed it. This w

Heh heh ^^; To be honest they were interesting to write as I had never written anything like that in my life! And probably won't be doing it again in a hurry. But it was interesting to have the perspective in Sonic's eyes... I'd noticed not many Sonamy fanfic focused on how Sonic felt, it was normally Amy and how she experienced it. I wanted to break the cliche and hope I kept the characters in character as it's not my motive to change something for the sake of it.

What to look forward to with the comic of Sonic Nova? I have lots of ideas floating around. Don't worry, Sonamy won't be the main focus and they won't nearly be as intimate as the prologue :XD: Unfortunately, I am working on another comic so Nova will have to wait a little while plus a rewrite is needed DX

One final note I wanted to say is about you guys! You guys are just plain awesome. The support you give is fantastic! I was always afraid to admit that I'm a Sonamy fan as it isn't portrayed very well. But from the feedback you are very accepting and (hopefully) like my work. I could say I'm a massive Sonegg fan and I think it would be the same from you. Don't worry that's not going to happen :XD:
Anyway thank you all so much again! To this day, after three years of being on this site, I am still amazed that people like my ideas. Thanks again!

SonikkuFan94 out!

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Favourite things...

sonic-nyoom:When someone says something stupid and you’re just like(Sonic Boom: Episode 4 - Buster)


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:iconscurvypiratehog: Sonic as marty running at 88 miles per hour, with a trail of fire behind him, and Tails as doc brown yelling GREAT SCOTT! (Colour - complex background)

:iconmastergamer20: How about a pic of Rad the Raccoon (my OC) and Roxy the Raccoon (Scott's OC) with Rad looking shy and backing against a wall, and Roxy walking to him smiling. (Coloured - 2 or more characters)

:iconzoey-prower-the-fox: fursona Priscilla please with star cookies. (Colour - Character)

:icongranddragoonknight: Leo the Chimera (Colour - 1 character)


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