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My name is SonikkuFan94. About the username... well I thought I was being original. At school I always nicknamed myself Sonic Whore, but I couldn't call myself that online :XD: So I thought combining his Japanese name, the fact that I'm a fan and the year I was born to create my username :aww:

I have been a sonic fan since 1999. I like anything Sonic, from the games, comics (both Archie and Fleetway) tv shows and even the music! I have a hefty amount of games to show my support on Sonic!

I have been drawing like this since I was 11 years old :aww:
I do tend to dip in and out of franchises so I'm not just fixated on Sonic. Sonic is indeed my favourite character but I like others too :D To name a few I like Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Lara Croft, Batman, Marty McFly, Leonardo, GLaDOS...

I have an active imagination and won't be afraid to put it on paper. I am a budding artist, I welcome feedback and I hope to one day fulfill my dream on becoming a comic artist.

Welcome to my page and enjoy your stay :D The only thing I won't tolerate is negativity.


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God again?! Yep afraid so guys :XD:

So updates galore me thinks! Sonic Nova....

I've finished the script!!! YEAH. I was writing it today and tweaking a hefty amount. I get to the end and I was like "I'm done... wait I'm done? Really?" and don't fret! I am definitely continuing this with more comics as I'm getting suckered into the story. (God that sounds so arrogant and dumb :X) But anyway! I've kind of left it on a bit of an unfinished ending... You'll have to wait and see. Oh and the script clocks in at 4,680 words and 13 and a half pages... That's not enough is it :XD: Now I have to put down on paper what is in writing :XD:

In the following arcs I want to focus on each Nova character so that each get a chance considering the back stories I've given them. Oh and I will create new characters. Its kind of like my version of Sonic Boom but its set 5 years in the future and they all have knowledge of the games they have been in. So they do have a history it isn't a reboot.

And finally I am getting concerned about my competition. I've had 4 entries so far and the closing date is in 8 days time! Do you need more time? If so I can extend it for another month as I don't want the entries that people have worked on to be a complete waste of time as it would be a slap in the face. Plus I want to give out prizes to people :D
Any thoughts don't be afraid to share :aww:

Path to Darkness is coming along. Don't worry about that, I am still writing it and I'm currently stuck on chapter 9 ^^; At the moment its only at 3,111 words. I still have a bit to go.

I have a couple of collabs that are in the works, either I have coloured or have drawn them. I also have two commissions to work on. I may add in a gift... ^^;

SonikkuFan94 out!

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Digital Shading Complex Backgrounds
Sonic the Hedgehog by SonikkuFan94
Backgrounds such as complex scenery.
Digital Shading Basic Backgrounds
Sonic Boom by SonikkuFan94
Sonic and Tails Best Friends by SonikkuFan94
These backgrounds will only be patterns.
Digital Shading (No Background)
Classic Sonic by SonikkuFan94
Sonic and Sally by SonikkuFan94
Digital shading with either a white background or no background.
Traditional Backgrounds
Point Commission for Mixedfan8643 by SonikkuFan94
The Many Faces of Sonic the Hedgehog by SonikkuFan94
A character in an added background done traditionally. It can either be a complex background such as a scenery or it could be a pattern. Please be specific.
Digital Flat Colouring (No Background)
Irvine Craigie the Red Deer by SonikkuFan94
Point Commission for Mastergamer20 by SonikkuFan94
 This will be just block colouring with no textures or shading. It can either have a plain white background or no background at all.
Traditional Shading (No Background)
Sonamy Boom by SonikkuFan94
Sonic as Link by SonikkuFan94
Shading done in colouring pencils or sharpie pens. 
Traditional Flat
Professor Layton and Luke by SonikkuFan94
Rouge Gel Pens by SonikkuFan94
Gift for mixedfan8643 by SonikkuFan94
These will be done in basic colours with no background. Done in colouring pencils, sharpie pens or gel pens.
Commission WIP for sirburnout by SonikkuFan94
These can either be done digitally or traditionally. They will be clean lines.
Biro sketches
Sonic Boom - Sonic's Ego by SonikkuFan94
Point Commission for scurvypiratehog by SonikkuFan94
A new style of mine is Biro. They can either be done in black or in colour.
Game Sonic WIP by SonikkuFan94
Sonic Back to the Future by SonikkuFan94
They can either be done digitally or traditionally but they won't be cleaned up they will be very rough.



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