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A rough guideline at how I create comics. Unfortunately, there won't be any pretty diagrams to look at.

Most normal people create an in depth and detailed script to work from before daring to touch their pen on the paper... heh... I don't. My "method" is completely whack and something I wouldn't recommend, unless you have an excellent memory, otherwise just write up a script.

Step 1:

This is where I think of a rough idea. Believe it or not, Sonic Nova An Unexpected Baby was "written" about a year ago and has suffered plenty of rewrites since then. I think up a basic idea to get the ball rolling "Sonic and Amy have a baby". Excellent, we have the basic premise but I don't want it to be quite the same as other stories that involve Sonic characters with babies. I think of what has been written and completely change it to something somewhat original. You can never be completely original as it's probably been done before. I now have my idea with various bits of details.

Step 2:

I do actually write something up on rough paper or the computer to retain ideas and possibly change any I don't like. I knew that there would be multiple parts to my comic so I decided to write each part out. The writing isn't in the standard script style, it's more a messy story with present tense. Here's a snippet:

        >A few hours later outside the surgery.
         Sonic stares at the building with beads of sweat forming.
         Amy drags Sonic inside.
         Amy and Sonic wait in line as Sonic acts panicked.
         They're next in line as a nurse calls them.
         "Name please."
         Everyone stares at Sonic in shock. Amy is ready for killing him.
         Amy steps up to the counter embarrassed.
         "Mr and Mrs Hedgehog!"
         "The doctor will see you in five minutes."
         Amy drags Sonic by the ear.<

Taken from this page:… you'll notice I completely changed a LOT of details.

Step 3:

This is where normal and sensible people use their already established script... I don't. I remember vague details I had written before and then just start to draw. I let the pictures tell the story by drawing them first and almost blindly. This is where I'm free to rewrite scenes in my head and draw what I feel makes sense. I let the comic write itself.

Step 4:

I add the dialogue to what I think would fit the situation. The pictures are already drawn and I normally have no idea what the characters will be saying until I'm just about finished with colouring the comic page.

Overall, my method is probably the WORST possible way to write a comic. It's kind of why I work alone in these regards as people would be so lost with my way of thinking. I wouldn't recommend it to people who are starting to write comics but I thought you may have been curious. My issues is that I know how each story starts and ends but it's all a rough guideline rather than a proper guide to follow from. I try my best to keep each page as coherent as possible. I'm amazed each page does make any sense...

Thanks for reading, again I wouldn't recommend this method unless you have a stupidly good memory that remembers minute details.
Sonic Nova: An Unexpected Baby Comic WIP by SonikkuFan94
Sonic Nova: An Unexpected Baby Comic WIP
Just showing that I am working on the comic but progress is being painfully slow at the moment. I have no idea when I will upload the next page ^^;
Kind of a mini update.

Progress with comics has and will be slow. I honestly am lost at what day I am on but am thankful it will soon be the weekend.

I can only say that I'm a little stressed out (again) with work and will be taking it slowly. I will show a WIP very soon but I will take my time with future pages to get them right. I have no idea how long I will be ^^;

Sonic Nova Ask Questions

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2016, 7:13 AM
I'm doing it again... I'll answer my questions in this journal and people will be fully credited. I am so sorry for being lazy but I know my motivation is currently dead. I'll do my best at answering them here.

From :icondashcharlesroseth:

To Amethyst: Tell me, Have you ever run away with Silver on a date away from your home and parents? And What was their reaction?

Amethyst: "I don't really run away, I'm too shy. Instead he catches me after school since my parents know I go round to friends' after school. They are never traditional dates as I adore just spending time with Silver watching the sun set and talk to him. I choose not to run away as I know dad will find us no problem and it would be betraying his trust in me."

From :iconkittyrina9898:

To Amy: What do you do whenever other girls flirt with sonic?

Amy holding a hammer with fire behind her: "I kill them!"
Sonic cowers in the corner: "Honey... calm down..."

From :icontriple84e:

Question for Amethyst: When you go visit and hang out with your uncle Shadow and Aunt Rouge, what do you guys do for fun and such?

Amethyst: "Honestly, their house is so authentic! Aunt Rouge has so much jewellery she shows me and old films that I never knew she would be interested in! My Uncle Shadow tells me stories about his days on the Ark and lets me listen to old music on something I think is called a gramophone. Not even mum and dad have that kind of thing in their house!"

From :iconashleythespeedwolf:

Questions for Amy and Amethyst

Amy , have you teached Amethyst to use your Piko Piko Hammer , if not then teach her . ( Good Luck 😆 )

Amethyst , what if Silver teaches you one of his powers like Psychic powers or telekinesis powers , I hope you love it more

Amy: "Amethyst doesn't like using my Piko Piko hammer, it's too heavy for her. Plus I still use my hammer in battle.

Amethyst: "He can't. ^^; His powers are unique to him and my Chaos energy wouldn't allow me to learn a new power as it could hurt me or worse..."

From :iconarteest76:

Question for Amy

How do you feel about mother-daughter dates?

Amy: "Chaos I love them! We style each others' hair, watch girly films together, bake and just plain gossip! I love spending time with my little girl!"

From :iconsonamy21ejhwbhjeh:


Question for Sonic

How bad do you feel when you and Amethyst have a argument

Sonic: "I'd rather not answer that!" (Terrible I feel)

From :iconwildkrattkid:

Question for Amethyst

How open are you too Sonic and Amy about personal things?

Amethyst: "W-well, it depends... I can't hide everything from my parents forever as they always manage to find out. I hide certain things, such as my feelings towards Silver, the "bullying" in school and sometimes how I truly feel about my Chaos energy. If my dad learnt the truth about my Chaos energy, it would break him. But for the most part I'm open."

From :iconscurvypiratehog:

question for sonic! are things with Honey's mom? she still got the hots for you?

Sonic locked inside a cupboard: "Heh she can't get me in here..."

I'm sorry for delaying this once again. I should really stop doing asks as I can never keep up :/ Thanks for asking anyway and sorry it's done as a kind of roleplay. I am bad at roleplaying ^^;

Made by Cyan-Creek

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